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Our Competitive Strength: At Load Controls we believe that our people are our biggest differentiators. This is why we walk the extra mile to have an active HR Department to ensure a balanced approach in each employee’s development, not just ‘what’ but ‘how’ they think, feel and act in their respective portfolios keeping the holistic progress of the company in mind.

PEDA: We have accordingly evolved a PEDA (Performance Evaluation and Development Appraisal) approach to orientation and alignment, an exercise that is known to be encouraging, empowering and motivating.

ABC Analysis: This is a methodology we adopt to identify the development needs of our people in the context of their Competencies vis-à-vis their job profile and Behaviour. We then assess this in the back drop of Alignment to organizational goals. What results is clarity in mutual expectations, targets and more importantly of what is not acceptable. The process evolves our people strength towards the delight of our Customers.

Rewards & Recognition: Every opportunity to recognise a good job done is not generally missed. We believe that we get more of what we appreciate. We therefore put in our best efforts to track contributions in a sincere manner and empower each head of department to come forward with recommendations for recognition. These methodologies are being further refined and policies being drafted so that fairness is the bottom line.

Pioneering Solutions : All our efforts will bear fruit only if our customer experience is world class. It is also only in this opening that Load Controls can stand up to its stakeholders and gain their respect and recognition as a responsible wealth creator. Load Controls promise, as always pioneers in giving solutions.

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