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Dear Customers & Well Wishers,

Darwin once said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
How true this is to our Businesses as well!
At Load Controls, We are learning to become more adaptive to the changing equations in our markets. We are reinventing our pricing strategies, reviewing our product features/ benefits, restructuring our people, realigning our internal processes & repositioning Load Controls to create our 5P win-win win focus to our Business.

Firstly, vendor integration next door has been achieved this year in the areas of

The former would help eliminate transportation costs and delays while at the same time helping ensure in house quality control. The later gives us the distinction of being the first Panel Builder to introduce this benefit of perfecting the ingress protection in South India.

Secondly, apart from taking Costing to the next level of post mortem to help us to make better decisions as we go forward, we have introduced a “CEO Approach” incentive scheme to performance management. This is to help goal alignment and thereby make Load Controls more price competitive.

State of the art 7 Tank Pre Treatment & Powder Coating and

German Sonderhoff foam gasketing


 Every nut, bolt & washer literally is being re-examined by our R&D Department as to how to bring down cost while ensuring reliability and compliance to Standards.

Tremendous standardization is also underway classifying the various offerings under distinct categories, with a kit approach for speed, economy, and quality in delivery. An evolved version of a Check List is introduced at all stages of manufacturing leaving no chance of errors.

Product load controls India Pvt Ltd

People :

A training committee to lead LCTC (Load Controls Training Centre) has been formed to focus on upgrading people skills. Apart from being trained, opportunities to train in a planned manner are also being instituted. This will translate into your finding us more proactive in offering you your Panel solutions

Structure is being relooked into departmentally and right people in the right slots are being ensured. Mutual clarity in key result areas, deliverables and performance measurements are all being overhauled and aligned. The Customer focus levels in our People as a result is visibly going up and hopefully this should delight our Customers in the way their needs are met.

People in Load controls India Pvt Ltd

Processes :

Delivering fast & on time is a commitment that is backed by the “Theory of Constraints” approach. Detailed dialogues, aggressive follow-ups, and a can-do approach is a way of thinking and working that is a way of life now at Load Controls.

This is backed up by a constant up gradation of our Quality systems. We have the distinction of being continually certified by ISO, the latest one being for ISO 9001:2008 standards. We translate this process approach to action in our weekly departmental meetings, quarterly review meetings at the Top Team level and a bi weekly production status review meeting. A way of working that gives our Customers peace of mind.

Training Load controls India Pvt Ltd

Positioning :

Our business exposure to Electrical Installations dates back 28 years to 1983 when Mani Sales (Bangalore) was born. Ever since we have been focused on projects be it Industrial or Buildings and serving these either directly or through Electrical Consultants and Electrical Contractors. In this area lies our specialization and differentiation which we intend to take to the next level in Customer perception.

Not just Products, but product Solutions has always been our paradigm. It therefore followed naturally that we have now launched our AMC division with specific focus and aggression to have our Customers avail continually and in an interruption free manner the benefits from their Electrical installations. They win, we win is our philosophy.

With best wishes, immense gratitude and warm regards,

Ramani M

Managing Director

33+ Successful Years

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