M V Switchboards​

Schneider electric partner with load controls

Load Controls MV Panels applications span operation and protection of networks from 3.3 to 33 kV in public, industrial or tertiary distribution. They are used in either new or renovation installations. The Circuit-breakers are available in fixed, withdrawable in the cradle, frontal or lateral versions and in current ratings of 630 to 2500 A and short-circuit current from 25 to 40 kA.  Switchboards can be designed for an Ambient Temperature of up to 50°C. Here again the specialty of Load Controls MV Panels is the modular feature which makes the compartmentalization of Incomer with CT Chamber, Outgoing with bus bar extension facility, PT Chamber, Control & Metering Chamber and the Circuit Breaker Chambers easily defined.

Further all Panels are fitted with the feature of internal arc management. Retrofitting of old installations with new VCBs are also undertaken.

EasyPact EXE VCB

  • Rated voltage 7,2/12kV-17,5kV
  • Rated short-circuit breaking current:  20kA-25kA-31,5kA
  • Rated short-circuit duration 3s
  • Rated normal current: 630A-800A-1250A-1600A-2000A-2500A

We offer RTC panel for rating current >2500A with STC capacity 40kA for 3Sec IAC tested cubicle.

11kv Load controls
  • 3.3KV to 33kV Breaker Panels
  • LBS Panel with Schneider LBS
  • DG Sync Panels
  • Control & Relay Panel
  • Capacitor Panels
  • Starter Panels
  • Neutral Isolation Switch panel (NIS)
  • Neutral Grounding Resistor Panel (NGR)
  • Neutral Grounding Transformer Panel (NGT)
  • Lightening Arrestor and Voltage Transformer Panel (LAVT)
  • Basic kit
  • Earthing Truck

We also sell RMU, Metering cubicles, Soft starters

System Voltage (Voltage Level)

3.3kV  to 33kV

Current Ratings

630A, 800A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A

Short circuit current withstand

upto 40KA for 1 Sec & 3 Sec


Modular Construction, Indoor (IP 4X) / Outdoor (IP 56) 

Power frequency withstand voltage

28kV for 11kV system voltage & 70kV for 33kV system voltage

Impulse withstand voltage

75kVp for 11kV system voltage & 170kVp for 33kV system voltage



Maximum Temperature rise

40°C over ambient 45°C


Standard arrangement with Aluminium / Copper

Type tests

IEC 62271-200 Short Circuit, Impulse, Temperature rise & IP 56

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