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The skeleton of the Panel is made from just two profiles, the corner bar and the cross bar. The rest of the partitions, base plates, base channels and doors are all standardized for different sizes in multiples of 60 mm in X, Y and Z axis. All these components are stocked based on the concept of minimum reorder volumes. Hence the deliveries are practically ex-stock! Modular empowers ready panels.

Scores of standardized components go to make the Modular design. These are versatile in the features of inter-changeability; can accommodate late minute component additions, changes and even have the doors reversible from left to right and vice versa! Any make of electrical switchgear can be accommodated with ease and extensions to the panels can even be done at site with precision. The panels can be made in Form 1 to Form 4 with all variations including single and double front and with arc chamber facilities.

Cost Effective:
Standardization helps scaling. The result is economies of scale. The beneficiaries are our customers and end users. Further the profiles are not only with 3 / 4 bends but also punched with 6.5 dia holes at 30 mm interval delivering modularity to our switchboards. This also renders the Panels rugged, sturd and reliable yet being light weight. Less material, more technology, less cost !

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